60th Birthday party magic in phoenix, AZ

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60th-birthday-magic-phoenix-azI received a call asking me to perform for a friend’s father-in-law’s 60th birthday celebration. We decided I’d perform a bit of close-up magic first and follow it with a 30 minute stand up magic and mentalism show. The twist was it was an eastern Indian family party.

About 80 friends were gathered to celebrate. Most wore traditional garb that was colorful and festive. Many of the women wore wonderful Anarkali costumes adorn with Tikka jewelry, while the men wore more traditional tunics. All in all the feeling was cheerful and fun.

The party was great fun. I find Indian audiences love magic and enjoy the impossibilities. This is interesting because I understand there is no word in Hindi for magic. Anyway, there were many gasps as the magic happened, especially from the feats of mind reading. It’s a wonderful thing to see people’s jaws drop and eyes grow wide when they witness the impossible made possible.

If I can bring some extra magic to your 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th birthday celebration it would be an honor. Magic and birthdays goes together no matter how old you are… at our essence we are all just big kids who love to be amazed.

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