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Slight of Mind – The Human Brain and Magic

Slight of Mind – The Human Brain and Magic

Every wonder how the magician fooled you. You know you are an intelligent person, so how in the heck did he leave you asking, how did he do that?

For over 2 decades and 13,000 performances, Gene Urban has been astonishing people with his special style of magic and mentalism. In Sleight of Mind, Gene goes behind the scenes and gives audience members a look at how and why magic fools the human brain.

Gene Urban takes guest on a fun excursion into the world of the magician and why magic fools the human brain. Based on information recently seen on the Discovery Channel, guests are both entertained and informed on ways magicians trick spectators.

Gene Urban 72dpi-2The show incorporates a variety of magic and mentalism designed to WOW people. Some of the effects are actually performed by the guests so they feel empowered and often awed. Other tricks are simply strange like when Gene swallows a 4 foot long balloon or probes into the minds of guests and tells them what they are thinking.

Slight of Mind is designed for smaller groups… say 80 guests and under. Much of the shows strength is its intimacy and warmth. Post show feedback often includes statements about how Gene left guests feeling more empowered and simply wowed by the experience.

For more information about Slight of Mind, please call us at 602-486-4839 or use the contact form below:

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Motivation magic is a hit

Motivation magic is a hit

I had a great show last month combining magic and motivation for a corporate group. We explored a number of subjects with the core message revolving around the concept of intention.

Intention is a great concept to explore with magic since great magic starts with the goal (intention) to do something miraculous.

Combining magic with a motivational message is a natural extension of my work since I’ve studied many of the great motivational teachers and have been personally coached by several.

The bottom line for any performer/speaker is how the audience felt. My client for this event passed on the post conference evaluation. Of the 1/2 dozen speakers, my host said I received the highest marks and feedback including:

He was fabulous. so skilled, interesting, funny and amazing.

PHENOMENAL – drove the point home…

He was great and also helped me think about the power of ideas and intentions.

Fantastic ending to the day.

If you are looking to add something different, intelligent and practical to your next conference, the motivation magic of Gene Urban will wow, mystify, entertain and educate.

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Gene Urban performs magic April 2013

Gene Urban performs magic April 2013

April 2013 has been a  month of variety for this magician. I’ve had a banquet of different show styles and venues. I have to say, I love performing magic.

gene urban and george bensonThe month started with a the 100 Faces Gala Fundraiser in Paradise Valley. Hosted by all-pro football legend Nick Lowery, this was a spirited evening with some pretty big names. I had the honor of performing for music icon, George Benson, champion fighter Evander Holyfield, Grammy jazz winner Marion Meadows and my good friend Nick Lowery.

On April 6th I headed up to Sedona for a Birthday Bash. I love performing at adult birthdays. Everyone is there to have a relaxing good time. Plus, Sedona is the perfect setting to celebrate life.

On the 9th I had a golf event. I milled about the crowd after a member’s golf competition. I’ve had the opportunity to perform at this type of event several dozen times and it always is a hit.

April 11th was a quick bit of magic at the grand opening of First American Title’s new Biltmore office. Lots of people from the real estate industry just having a good time.

April 18th was a special day. Probably my favorite thing to do is what I call motivational magic. I like to combine magic with a business message. This event was about the Power of Intention and Connections. The show rocked and the group was simply amazing. They really got the message and I simply know some lives were changed. That’s pretty special magic.

gene magic nar 001The last event for this month will be for a long time client, Shea Homes. Over the years I’ve performed magic at grand openings, holiday parties and trade show events for the gang at Shea. It’s a great feeling when a client keeps bringing you back year after year. Thanks Shea Homes for your support.

Naturally, there were several magical evenings at Resorts in Scottsdale this month… the opportunity to perform close up magic at Valley hotels is still the mainstay of my work. Mostly strolling magic and often in character at western themed events.

If I can be of service at your next event, it would be my honor. Just give me a call at 602-788-9400 or use the handy form below.

Best to you… Gene Urban, the magic guy.


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25 Holiday Entertainment Ideas for Scottsdale Phoenix AZ

I recently found an article about holiday party entertainment ideas. Although the article came from a New York party specialist, it certainly gives a lot of ideas for those hosting a holiday party in Scottsdale or Phoenix. As a magician, I found it interesting that the first suggestion on his list was to Hire A Magician for your holiday party. I think I like this guy.

Naturally, I would love to perform at you upcoming holiday party, Christmas Party or other business function. In addition, I believe in presenting options and possibilities… magicians love possibilities. Thus, below are 25 entertainment ideas for your next holiday event. If you have something we’ve missed, put it in the comments at the end of the article so we can add it to the mix.

Here’s a nice list of 25 ideas to jump-start your creative engines:

1.         Hire a magician

2.         If your group dances, a DJ might be just the thing.

3.         Wine Tastings with a sommelier talking about pairings is fun.

4.         A Casino night is entertaining. Can be a bit pricy it you go wild.

5.         Hire a stand up comedian. Make sure he/she is appropriate for your group though.

6.         Movie night with holiday classics. A good family fun thing.

7.         A dine around to various restaurants. Maybe along the Light Rail.

8.         Pot luck dinner.

9.         A bowling party.

10.       Costume contest.

11.       A staff talent show .

12.       Rent a karaoke machine, or go to a karaoke bar and sign the night away.

13.       Arrange for an employee shopping spree at Costco or Best Buy. Work out a budget first though.

14.       Take the entire office to Zoolights.

15.       Go to the batting cages or miniature golf.

16.       Take everyone ice skating. City Scape in downtown Phoenix has a holiday out door ice rink.

17.       Ice cream making lesson

18.       Rent a minicoach or bus and got on a pub crawl.

19.       Arrange a private cooking lesson.

20.       Shooting range. Nothing says holiday like a good day on the range.

21.       Take a bus tour of the city’s best pizza joints

22.       Take a walking tour of downtown’s historic districts. 

23.       Game night with Wii, Xbox, PlayStation

24.       Paintball

25.       Game night at Dave and Busters.

I hope this list of holiday entertainment ideas for the Scottsdale and Phoenix area helps make your event magical.  If I can be a part, please let me know. Toss me an email at or call me at 602-788-9400.

Gene Urban… Exceptional Magic and Entertainment.

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Great holiday party ideas scottsdale phoenix

Great holiday party ideas scottsdale phoenix

Are you pondering great holiday party ideas for this year’s event? The good news is you are not alone.

A lot of private and corporate event planners start getting serious about the upcoming holiday or Christmas party in late August or September. Where are you going to hold the event? What’s the menu going to look like? What entertainment is best? If you are in charge you know the list is long and getting longer.

Many event and party planners turn to the magic of Gene Urban when it comes to entertainment. He is a world-class magician/mentalist and lives right here in the valley of the sun. Not only is Gene a great entertainer/magician, he has lots of holiday party ideas. Since he has performed at 1000’s of events for over 2 decades he brings more than tricks to the table.

Gene’s holiday party client list is a who’s who of Phoenix and Scottsdale area businesses. Companies including Motorola, Honeywell, Shea Homes, Axxess Technologies, Home Depot, numerous law firms and Microsoft know Gene’s magic.  Plus, the feedback from guests is always been great. Take a look at our testimonial page.

Gene performs strolling magic with a variety of props, close-up mentalism/mind-reading and offers a stand up show for smaller parties. Gene’s performance style is quite unique. Much of the magic is performed by your guests. He believes in empowering people with his craft rather than make them feel foolish. It is no wonder so many meeting professionals in Arizona choose him.

Naturally, the holidays are a very busy time for Gene Urban. We strongly recommend you contact him ASAP to reserve your date. Just give Gene a call at 602-788-9400 or email him at

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Adult 30th Birthday magic in Scottsdale

Adult 30th Birthday magic in Scottsdale

I had the honor of performing birthday magic at a 30th birthday party held in Scottsdale AZ. I had  provided magical entertainement for the 30th birthday boy and his parents in the past and was really happy to work with them again.

The event was held at the Miracle Mile Deli in Scottsdale, a favorite lunch and dinner spot for many people in the area. In addition to great food and magic they had a casino night.  Pretty sweet party.

Today I received the nicest email from the hosts I wanted to share.

Just wanted to say thank you for making Josh’s party extra fun with all your fascinating, mind boggling, and beyond belief talent!

You continue to amaze and impress! LOTS of wonderful feedback and we saw LOTS of smiles, laughter and heard lots of “how did you do that?” Looking forward to calling on you again for our next get together!

Thanks again!
Jill & George

If I can help make your party or event more fun and memorable, please let me know. It is such an honor to make magic happen.

Gene Urban… exceptional magic and mentalism

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corporate entertainment at Arizona biltmore resort

corporate entertainment at Arizona biltmore resort

I had the honor of performing for Edward Jones’ annual gathering at the Arizona Biltmore Resort this month. It was a great evening as well as a bit of a home coming for me.

The event was held in the Grand Ballroom, the very first stage I performed magic at after moving to the Phoenix area and becoming the in-house magician at the Arizona Biltmore. My first show at the Biltmore was for the National Restaurant Association and included a great stage bit with legendary golfer Lee Trevino.

Magic is a wondrous form of entertainment for corporate groups and what I specialize. Thus, the opportunity to add a bit of magic for the Edward Jones event was just what I most enjoy… amaze people at a business function.

My magic show followed a retirement ceremony for Al Smith, a very popular wealth management advisor in the Prescott, AZ area. There were lots of tears and many people talking about the impact “Smitty” had on their lives and work.

The magic and mentalism part of the evening saw guests reading each other’s minds, moving objects with their minds and learning about the art of magic. It was great fun.

If you’d like to have great magical entertainment at your next corporate event in Phoenix or Scottsdale AZ, let me know. We will have a great time and your guests will have lots to talk about.  Just use the secure form below.

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magician gene urban a big hit at 60th birthday party

magician gene urban a big hit at 60th birthday party

A gentleman found my profile on GigMasters, an online entertainment booking site and asked if I could add magic at his wife’s 60th birthday party in Phoenix, AZ.

We talked a bit about my style and what I could offer. We decided a stand up show with magic, mind reading and clean-intelligent humor would be best.

I have to say it was a great party. Lots of friends talked about their life with the birthday girl, great food was served and a very warm DJ kept things moving.

My after dinner magic show felt just right. The magic happened effortlessly and there were lots of opportunities to add relevant comedy and laughter. It ended with a standing ovation, a good sign the guests loved it.

What really matters is how the client feels. In this case they left a testimonial on the GigMaster site I’d like to share:

Overall Satisfaction:

5.0 stars


5.0 stars


5.0 stars

Overall Talent:

5.0 stars


5.0 stars

Gene’s performance is everything he promises and more. If your looking for smart, fun, witty and intelligence all rolled into one performer, look no further. !!!
Ruth C, 6/9/2012, Birthday Party (Adults), Phoenix, AZ

Naturally, I’d be honored to add magic to your next event. I have no doubt your guests will have a great time and you will be happy you choose me.

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scottsdale charity magic and entertainment is gene urban

scottsdale charity magic and entertainment is gene urban

When Scottsdale and Phoenix charity event planners want to add a bit of entertainment and magic to the evening one name comes to the top of the list, Gene Urban.

Magician Gene Urban has been bringing magic to charity gala’s and events for over two decades. Events including the Heart Ball, McNight to Remember, American Cancer Society, Epilepsy Foundation, JSP, Wings to Fly, and dozens more have turned to the very special magic and mindreading Gene brings to an event.

Recently Gene provided magical entertainment at Cookin for A Cure at Eddie’s house. The evening was a fund raiser for breast cancer research at TGEN. Gene wowed the guests who included Joe Gargiola, Luis Gonzalez and Arizona Cardinal Ben Patrick.

If you are chairing a charity event, Gene’s magic is a great way to help make your guest’s smile and glad they chose your charity to open their wallets. It is no wonder he has been seen at lots of charitable events including: The Heart Ball, McNight to Remember, Epilepsy Foundation, American Cancer Society and many more.

Contact Gene Urban for availability today and ask for the charity discount Gene offers.

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Corporate Magic in Tucson – Tuscon Arizona Magician

Corporate Magic in Tucson – Tuscon Arizona Magician

Looking for a magician to perform corporate magic in Tucson, AZ? Look no further. Magician and Mentalist Gene Urban is a great choice and the same one many meeting planners and event professionals choose for their important clients throughout Arizona.

Gene Urban has the experience you need when you want great magic in Tucson, not surprises. With over 13,000 performances in 17 countries for hundreds of companies, Gene has the know-how and skills to ensure great magical entertainment.

Below are but a few of the countless testimonials and feedback Gene Urban has received from meeting planners, entertainment agencies and clients:

When you need an entertainer who will exceed your client’s expectation and win great client feedback, Gene Urban delivers.

It has been my pleasure to work with Gene Urban on many events over the past nine years. Gene has always been a true professional and is extremely well suited to work his magic for the most VIP of clients.

Gene was great! The magic was fun and he kept us talking for days about how he did it. I would highly recommend him.

Gene’s abilities are unmatched. He is one of the finest adn most skilled sleight of hand artists I have ever seen. Gene is a “thinking person’s” magician, with a cleaver and intelligent presentation never lost on even the most sophisticated client.

If you want a very special performer for your event in Tucson, Arizona, take a look at Gene Urban. In addition to performing in business attire, Gene offers a western character ideal for a themed event.


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