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70th Birthday Party Magic – Private Event Phoenix, AZ

70th Birthday Party Magic – Private Event Phoenix, AZ

I don’t get a lot of calls for summer time parties; A bit hot in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. However, I had the pleasure of performing at a 70th birthday party the other day. It was held at a local restaurant and attended mostly by family members.

The 70th birthday party boy (I think we are always little boys when it comes to birthdays) was a very kind man who was taken by the love his family showed. It was quite tender.

I performed a stand up set from the head of the table. This can be tough if not set up properly. Luckily, the host and I chatted a bit and the room was well set for this type of performance.

The stand-up magic I like to perform at birthday parties centers on the guests as the birthday person is often overwhelmed by the attention he or she is receiving. That said, there is one special piece that does focus on the birthday child. It involves him or her, a bit of mind reading and a lot of fun. Very upbeat and celebratory.

The performance was much appreciated and I got a wonderful hug from the man’s wife and daughter who both said it help make the evening very special.

I’d be delighted to perform at a special adult birthday celebration you’re hosting. We’ll have great fun celebrating the birthday, creating memories and magic. If you want to know what others have thought about my work, there are numerous testimonials mixed in the the articles and a few I’ve put in the what people say about Gene page.

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Close up and Stage Magic for AAR – corporate event az

Close up and Stage Magic for AAR – corporate event az More Thoughts

magic happens at AdOn Network holiday party

magic happens at AdOn Network holiday party

2010 has been a great year from spreading the magic at corporate events, trade shows and holiday parties including a great evening with the gang from AdOn Network at the Buttes in Tempe, AZ.

The night started with close up magic. The AdIOn Network people were great fun. They read each others minds, bent silverware, manipulated time and much more. I find engineer types to be some of the finest people for performing strolling magic. Something about the logical mind and magic leads to some startling times.

After dinner the President of the company, Bhaskar Ballapragada, gave much praise to the group for the incredible work they have done this past year. Following his talk I had the privilege of performing my parlor magic and mentalism act. Much of the show’s theme had to do with how magic reminds us of our greatness… a timely theme considering the impressive results the employees of AdOn Network achieved this past year.

To top things off, I got the sweetest email from them about my show:

Good Morning Gene,

Thank you for performing at our holiday party. You are still talked about here at AdOn Network. Our guests loved your cocktail walk around performance. Your easy personality and fun nature was contagious.

Your floor show was enjoyed by all that watched it. Your flexibility with the crowd and space was greatly appreciated.
The whole experience was GREAT! Your professional, fun and downright awesome attitude made the night go all the smoother.
Thank you again.

Kristine Goulding
Human Resources

If you have a corporate event, trade show, business party, I’d be honored to perform for your guests. give me a call at 602-788-9400 or use the form below and we’ll magic magic happen.

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Gene Urban Launches New Parlor Show

Gene Urban Launches New Parlor Show

By Gene Urban

I’ve been working on a new parlor magic show designed for small corporate groups. The show, entitled Magic 101… Theory & Explanations, is a series of magical vignettes that demonstrates why magic and mentalism confounds the modern mind.

The show has evolved out of the most common question I am asked by guests… “How do you do that?”

Rather than give some flippant answer, I decided to create a show that blends magical effects with history, theory and explanations.

Most guests know little about performance magic’s rich history. It is said that more books have been written about the magic than any other performance art. The first known book, The Discoverie of Witchraft, was written by Reginald Scot in 1584. Since that time 1000’s of books and well over a hundred thousand articles have been enjoyed by magicians around the world.

Magic 101… Theory and Explanations is first and foremost magical entertainment. However, guests also learn a bit about the art, its past and some of the techniques and theories employed by magicians. The result is a show today’s intelligent audience can enjoy on many levels.

Due to the intimate and personal nature of Magic 101…Theory and Explanations, it is recommended for small corporate and private party groups with less than 80 guests.

Please use the form below for more information and availability or call Gene Urban directly at 602-788-9400.

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The picture used in this post is the Conjurer by Bosch
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holiday party entertainment scottsdale and phoenix AZ

holiday party entertainment scottsdale and phoenix AZ

Planning for a holiday party can make the holidays just that much busier. Finding good party ideas, choosing the right food, venue, decor and entertainment are just part of the job.  Choosing the right entertainment, however, has never been easier… just hire Gene Urban the valley’s best known magician and mentalist.

Gene Urban has provided holiday party entertainment for individuals, companies and corporations for over two decades. Businesses  like Honeywell, Microsoft, Intel, Axxess Technologies, APS, Shea Homes, Pulte Homes and numerous private party planners have chosen Gene Urban to ensure a great entertainment experience.

Gene Urban’s holiday or Christmas magic is the perfect entertainment for your holiday party. His close-up magic is inspirational in that most of the magic happens by the guests. They feel empowered and happy. Isn’t that what you want?

In addition, Gene offers a parlor show that combines magic, mind reading, mentalism, laughter and audience interaction. Your guests will leave having witnessed what many describe as “the best magician I have ever seen, live or on TV.”

Please use the form below or call Gene Urban at 602-788-9400 now as holiday bookings fill early.

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Parlor Magic – Private Party Scottsdale, AZ

I love to perform magic at private parties. Since much of my work is corporate events, performing at a private party offers a more relaxed, intimate environment.

Most of the time I perform close up magic, yet sometimes I perform a standup style show also known as parlor magic. So what is parlor magic? Well Wikipedia has a great description:

Parlor magic is done for larger audiences than close-up magic (which is for a few people or even one person) and for smaller audiences than stage magic. In parlor magic, the performer is usually standing and on the same level as the audience, which may be seated on chairs or even on the floor. According to the Encyclopedia of Magic and Magicians by T.A. Waters, “The phrase [parlor magic] is often used as a pejorative to imply that an effect under discussion is not suitable for professional performance.” Also, many magicians consider the term “parlor” to be old fashioned and limiting, since this type of magic is often done in rooms much larger than the traditional parlor, or even outdoors. A better term for this branch of magic may be “platform,” “club” or “cabaret.”

My parlor show combines magic, mentalism, comedy and lots of audience interaction. The underlying theme is an expose on why magic fools people combined with a bit of history and lots of mind-bending tricks.

Below is what one of the premier talent agencies in the Phoenix area says about the magic of Gene Urban:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gene Urban for over 20 years. When it comes to talent, professionalism and class, Gene simply has no peers in his field. Gene has an incredible gift for the craft of mentalism and sleight of hand magic.

If you are planning a private party, Gene Urban’s magic will be a sure fire hit. You can contact him at 602-788-940o or by email at


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when you hire a magician ask good questions

when you hire a magician ask good questions

People often hire a magician for a private party in their home. Some clients want close up magic, while others want a stand-up or parlor magic show. Quite often a host wants a mix of both.

Hiring a magician to perform close up magic doesn’t require much pre planning while a stand up show does. I ask people to think about the following when they want me to perform a stand up show for all the guests:

  • Does the home lend itself to having everyone gather together for the standup or parlor magic show.?
  • Will everyone be comfortable? Is there going to be enough seating?
  • Will the guests be able to see the performance? (This can be a big problem with back yard shows where there isn’t much light.)

I have found, in most cases, it is difficult to pull off a group show unless it is well planned and thought out prior to the event. As the host, it is important to discuss possible locations for the stand up magic show and make sure to plan the layout of the room so guests are comfortable, visibility is good and it is the type of party and group that lends itself to a gathering.

I hope this help when you hire a magician to perform at your next private party. If it is in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Sedona or other parts of Arizona and California, I would be honored to WOW your guests and help you have a party people will remember for years.

Gene Urban
The Card Guy and Chief Prestidigitator at Corporate TRX

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magic at arizona biltmore resort

magic at arizona biltmore resort

Gene Urban has a long history of performing magic at the Arizona Biltmore Resort in Phoenix, AZ.

When Gene moved to Scottsdale Arizona he became the in-house magician at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. It was an amazing time as the resort held a five star rating and was the place for major corporate functions and a stopping point for dignitaries world wide.

During his tenure at the Arizona Biltmore Resort, Gene was privileged to perform for many special events including Luciano Pavarotti’s birthday party, The NFL Owners Association annual meeting and a who’s who list of Fortune 100 companies.

Today, Gene Urban continues to astound and entertain corporate groups and individuals staying at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. If you are looking for a very special evening of magical entertainment for your group or function, Gene Urban is a sure bet for success.

Gene Urban can be hired directly or though the convention services staff at the resort. Just tell them you want the best magician and mentalist in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, Gene Urban – the magic guy.

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magician at sheraton downtown Phoenix

magician at sheraton downtown Phoenix

Associations and corporate groups staying at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Phoenix know the best magician to hire for their events, business functions, hospitality parties is Gene Urban.

Gene Urban has been entertaining corporate and business groups at Valley hotels like the Sheraton Downtown Phoenix for over two decades. His incredible close up magic and mentalism astounds guests and gets incredible feedback from attendees.

Gene is available to perform close up magic, mentalism and parlor entertainment for all types of events at the Sheraton Downtown Phoenix including:

  • Hospitality Parties
  • Business Dinners and Functions
  • Theme Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Trade Shows
  • Holiday Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Wedding
  • Adult Birthday
  • Wedding Reception
  • After Dinner Events
  • Casino Nights
  • Western Events and more

If you are planning a private party, corporate event, holiday party, or fund raiser and looking for incredible entertainment, the magic is Gene Urban will be a hit.  He offers close-up magic, close up mentalism and a small audience stage show.

You can contact Gene Urban at 602-788-9400 or He’ll be happy to talk to you about your needs and help determine if his style of entertainment is a great fit.

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