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I love it when I get a call from someone saying they saw me provide holiday party entertainment and want me to perform magic at their party or event. Calls like that are great because they loved the magic and remembered it nearly a year later. That is the highest complement an entertainer can receive in my book.

There are a lot of holiday party entertainment options. People say the holidays are a magical time so hiring a magician for your event is a natural.  I like to use magic to instill wonder, joy, laughter and delight.  There is a poem by Nicolas Spandrel that kind of sums up what magic is and does… not just at a holiday party but in life itself,

magic makes the miracles,
magic finds those who need it,
looking around,
moving around the world,
creating peace and battle,
we search for a great peace,
the nature around us,
full of magic,
the love and harmony cross,
loving those that love it,
searching for friends and allies,
love of magic is truthful,
and magic shall love you always.

Best to you,

Gene Urban… the magician for corporate events, holiday parties and adult celebrations.

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