clients rave about the magic of gene urban

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clients rave about the magic of gene urban

Positive reviews and raving clients is what its all about for me. Naturally,I get a real kick out of rocking people with magic they’ve never seen before. When someone screams “No Way” or grabs their friends and to tell them “You’ve got to see this guy… he’s amazing” I know I’ve done my real job.

Last night was one of those nights and a call today just added icing to the cake. I ws hired to entertain the guests at a grand reopening party. (It seems someone lost control of their vehicle and drove right through my client’s salon.) The night was great with people of all ages enjoying the party and magic. At the end Annette, the salon owner, said:

Thank you so much Gene… you certainly surpassed my highest expectations. We will have you back.

To me, that is what it is all about. A complete stranger hears about me, pays my not cheap rates, and is thoroughly delighted and satisfied.

To complete the story I have to mention a phone call I got today. A Scottsdale man who hired me for a holiday party 5 or 6 years ago gives me a call and asks me to call him back. He simply wanted to say how much his family and friends enjoyed the magic that night and that they still talk about it. Is that sweet or what?

All I can say is I am so blessed to have had some amazing teachers who helped hone my skills so the magic impacts people is such a meaningful and long term way.

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