Close Up Magic at Private Party – Private Party Scottsdale, AZ

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Wow, it’s been a busy couple month performing magic. Last night’s show was a private party in Scottsdale where I performed close up magic.

Close up magic is my specialty using cards, coins, books and common-place object I find on tables and such. I think this is the best kind of magic as it is intimate and happens right in front of the guests eyes.

Last night the guests really liked the card magic. Many of the guest were golfers who like to play cards after their game. Thus, when someone does absolutely impossible things with something they are familiar with it is even more confounding and magical.

My favorite thing is to have the guests perform the magic. Among the many tricks in my bag are a few where the guests do the magic. For example, I hand a guest the deck and ask them to look through the cards and remember one. Next, another guest is given the deck and asked to remove the card the first one thought. The look on their faces when the correct card is revealed is nothing short of wonderful.

I know most performers like to be the star, however I like it best when the guests are made to feel special. Life tears us down enough so when I can help someone feel special I think that is real magic. Plus, it can make someone’s day just a little better.

If you are hosting a private party it would be my honor to perform and add magic tot he event. I promise to make the night a bit more special and memorable.

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