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Mentalism is one of the hot forms of magical performance these days. Shows like The Mentalist and others with a “psychic” angle have captured the imagination of audiences across America. Gene Urban is one of the top mentalists around.

As is normal for Gene Urban, his take on performing feats of magical mind reading and mentalism is a bit different. He likes to share the stage, so to speak, and have guests seemingly perform the effects. Below Gene describes one of the many routines where others perform miracles.

I like to perform mentalism up close while strolling among the guests verses on stage. Mentalism an intimate form of entertainment and deserves to be presented as such.

Many of the demonstrations of the unusual are performed by the guests in my work. For example, I have one of the guests look through a deck of cards and focus on just one card. Another guest is asked to imagine being a famous mentalist/mind reader. While pondering this new reality he or she is asked to touch the card the first person has been thinking about. A card is touched and revealed to the exact card only thought of by the first guest.

Other effects include Gene’s renowned effect using a borrowed watch, silverware that bends wildly while being held by a guest, and secret words and images  held in a spectator’s mind described with uncanny accuracy by Gene. It is both fun and remarkable. It’s not wonder people say Gene Urban is the real thing… a master magician and mentalist.

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