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Gene Urban was chosen to participate in one of the first training video/dvds for mentalists. Some of the biggest names in the mentalism world gathered in Califormia to produce a 3 part series call the Desert Brainstorm Series. Among the notables were Larry Becker, Docc Hilford, Kenton, Lee Earle, Mark Strivings and Chris Caldwell.

The series, produced by A-! Multimedia was a huge success with magicians and mentalists from around the world buying and studying the various routines, concepts and ideas.

Gene Urban’s contributions to the Desert Brainstorm series included:

  • Intuition Times Two… intuition using 52 of Gene’s favorite friends.
  • Somewhere In Time… Bending time has never been so much fun.
  • Body Talk… it’s simply amazing what your body can tell a mentalist.
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