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Over the years Gene Urban has had the fortune of using his magical talents to launch new products. Magic and mentalism can be the perfect medium to announce a company’s new products and services.

Product launches are meant to be fun, exciting and memorable… an apt description for great magic too.

Gene has found creating shows for product launches to be extremely rewarding. About this he says:

It is an honor to be selected to help with a product launch. Often, the launch is the culmination of millions in R&D and so much is on the line. Choosing me to help make the event a success is beyond gratifying.

Gene Urban has been involved in product launches for

  • Ciba Vision – A new line of contact lens solutions
  • Axxess Technologies – The launch of their key making equipment that literally changed the way keys are duplicated.
  • AGCS, Lucent Technology – Launched several new technologies including DSL, VOIP and several voice mail add-on subscriber services.
  • Right Fax – The company behind fax server technologies.
  • Hypercom – Innovation in point of sale solutions and technology
  • many many more…

Use this form to contact Gene U rban for your next product launch or trade show:

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