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I have performed magic at The Duce in downtown Phoenix since they opened their doors. The other day Steve, one of the owners, called and asked if I’d do a show for mayoral candidate Greg Stanton. It was to be a combo birthday celebration and fund raiser. It sounded like a good time to spread the magic.

The party was attended by many of Stanton’s friends, family and supporters… just about 50 people or so. Although they didn’t know a magician was going to be there they were wonderfully receptive, especially Greg Stanton. As it turned out he loved magic.

My trademark style is that many of the “tricks” are seemingly performed by audience members. I twisted that a bit and had Greg Stanton be the performer and I simply the guy holding the props. He caught on pretty quickly and was happy to show people his newly found skills. He got a lot of surprised looks as he read minds and made predictions that came out right.

As a side note:  Greg and I have become friends since his birthday fundraiser. I worked on his campaign and am happy to say he is the Mayor of Phoenix now. He’s a very good man.

So, if your hosting a fund raiser or adult birthday bash, I’d be honored to add some magic to the event. I promise you and your guests will have a great time witnessing the impossible made possible. Please use our contact form or give me a call at 602-788-9400.

Gene Urban… exceptional magic and mentalism


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  1. Great night of magic, fund-raising and celebrating the birth of Greg Stanton. The more time I spend with Grag and his campaign crew the more impressed.

    Had a good time entertaining his friends, family and a LOT of people who believe in him. Plus, the event was at the Duce and there isn’t a better venue in the valley for a party.

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