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In the late 1990’s magician and mentalist Gene Urban joined several of the country’s top mentalists to film the Desert Brainstorm series. Gene, along with Larry Becker, Kenton, Docc Hilford, Mark Strivings, Lee Earle and Christopher Caldwell traveled to Sacramento California to tape the first instructional video on the subject of mentalism.

Body Talk is one of three mentalism effects Gene Urban contributed to the project. Body Talk explores how people transmit thoughts through their body language. In this piece, Gene Urban combines years of studying the craft of magic, advanced psychology and the experience 10,000+ performances has given him.

Below is a Gene Urban’s performance of Body Talk. The original series came out in VHS and this YouTube presentation is a conversion from VHS to non-high definition digital video.  We hope you enjoy.

Gene Urban Performing “Body Talk” copyright 1997-2011

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