Magician in Phoenix AZ

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Magician in Phoenix AZ

As a professional magician in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona I love to explore the history of magic in the Phoenix area. It is a rich history with many great performers of magic and mentalism. Today I simply wanted to share a bit about magic, and the magicians who call or called Phoenix AZ home.

When I first arrived in Phoenix, from San Diego, I was amazed by what was going on in the area. Five principle names come to mind:  Jack Southerland, Herb Easley, Danny Dew, Ed Rosenthal and Robert Bluemle as movers and shakers.

Jack Southerland and Herb Easley owned the magic shops in town. Jack was the man behind Sun Magic, a shop that catered to professional magicians. Herb Easley’s place, Easley’s Fun Shop, sold costumes and was more oriented to the amateur and hobbyist magician.

Danny Dew was one of the local legends of magic. His story is an amazing one that spans the globe. His work with cards and the famous cups and balls is still legendry.

Ed Rosenthal was an east coast transplant who put Phoenix on the Magic map. His devotion to the art of magic and skill at putting together magic conventions was amazing. Each year he would bring in the finest talent from around the world to astound and amaze. In a matter of a short few years, the IBM Ring 55 Conventions became of the most respected in the USA.

Robert Bluemle was a local attorney who spearheaded the formation of a chapter of The Society of American Magicians in Scottsdale, AZ. He was also instumental in forming the Arizona 6 1/2 club, a gathering of top flight mentalists I was honored to be a part.

Among the many nationally known magicians who have or do call Phoenix home are:

  • Eddie Tullock: America’s greatest trade show magician
  • Danny Dew: A wonderful man,, performer, inventor and magician.
  • Bert Easley: A legendary magician, dancer and actor.
  • George Sands: King of rope magic
  • Ed Rosenthal: A great mentor to many.
  • JC Wagner: My mentor and friend.
  • Andre Kole: One of the greatest minds in magic.
  • Michael Finney: A very very funny guy.
  • Larry Becker: One of mentalisms finest.
  • Kenton Knepper: The man behind wonder words.
  • Docc Hilford: A spooky good performer.
  • Lee Earle: Mentalist and epic idea man.
  • Shawn Greer: A man dedicated to the classics.
  • Brother Paul West: Great street performer and sailor.
  • Brad Zinn: A grand performer born and raised in Phoenix.
  • Bob Kubota: Scary good with a deck of cards.
  • Craig Davis: A ttop illusionist and juggler
  • Barry Schor: Mr. Presto Magic and historian.
  • Jay Gorham: Historian, math wiz and nice guy.
  • Robert Bluemle: Attorney, MC, author and more.
  • Gene Urban: me


I know I have missed some great people here. If you know sone of them, please leave their name in the comment section so I can add them.

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