Motivation magic is a hit

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I had a great show last month combining magic and motivation for a corporate group. We explored a number of subjects with the core message revolving around the concept of intention.

Intention is a great concept to explore with magic since great magic starts with the goal (intention) to do something miraculous.

Combining magic with a motivational message is a natural extension of my work since I’ve studied many of the great motivational teachers and have been personally coached by several.

The bottom line for any performer/speaker is how the audience felt. My client for this event passed on the post conference evaluation. Of the 1/2 dozen speakers, my host said I received the highest marks and feedback including:

He was fabulous. so skilled, interesting, funny and amazing.

PHENOMENAL – drove the point home…

He was great and also helped me think about the power of ideas and intentions.

Fantastic ending to the day.

If you are looking to add something different, intelligent and practical to your next conference, the motivation magic of Gene Urban will wow, mystify, entertain and educate.

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