Slight of Mind – The Human Brain and Magic

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Every wonder how the magician fooled you. You know you are an intelligent person, so how in the heck did he leave you asking, how did he do that?

For over 2 decades and 13,000 performances, Gene Urban has been astonishing people with his special style of magic and mentalism. In Sleight of Mind, Gene goes behind the scenes and gives audience members a look at how and why magic fools the human brain.

Gene Urban takes guest on a fun excursion into the world of the magician and why magic fools the human brain. Based on information recently seen on the Discovery Channel, guests are both entertained and informed on ways magicians trick spectators.

Gene Urban 72dpi-2The show incorporates a variety of magic and mentalism designed to WOW people. Some of the effects are actually performed by the guests so they feel empowered and often awed. Other tricks are simply strange like when Gene swallows a 4 foot long balloon or probes into the minds of guests and tells them what they are thinking.

Slight of Mind is designed for smaller groups… say 80 guests and under. Much of the shows strength is its intimacy and warmth. Post show feedback often includes statements about how Gene left guests feeling more empowered and simply wowed by the experience.

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