when you hire a magician ask good questions

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People often hire a magician for a private party in their home. Some clients want close up magic, while others want a stand-up or parlor magic show. Quite often a host wants a mix of both.

Hiring a magician to perform close up magic doesn’t require much pre planning while a stand up show does. I ask people to think about the following when they want me to perform a stand up show for all the guests:

  • Does the home lend itself to having everyone gather together for the standup or parlor magic show.?
  • Will everyone be comfortable? Is there going to be enough seating?
  • Will the guests be able to see the performance? (This can be a big problem with back yard shows where there isn’t much light.)

I have found, in most cases, it is difficult to pull off a group show unless it is well planned and thought out prior to the event. As the host, it is important to discuss possible locations for the stand up magic show and make sure to plan the layout of the room so guests are comfortable, visibility is good and it is the type of party and group that lends itself to a gathering.

I hope this help when you hire a magician to perform at your next private party. If it is in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Sedona or other parts of Arizona and California, I would be honored to WOW your guests and help you have a party people will remember for years.

Gene Urban
The Card Guy and Chief Prestidigitator at Corporate TRX

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