Wonderful Magic stirs the soul

Posted on Sep 26, 2011 in about gene, close up magic, videos | 0 comments

I love to see wonderful magic performed. Every once in a while there is a trick, illusion or mystery that simply makes my soul feel better… like a smile that starts deep inside.  This is something I try to impart in my own work as a magician.

This past August Marco Tempest, a Swiss magician living in New York, created a spectacular bit of magic mixed with technology and presented it at TED. I share it with my readers today to remind all of us to expand our vision and take our work/lives to new levels never thought possible. When we expand our possibilities we change the very fabric of life.  In this new-found space we  create our own magic.

I wish you great magic today, tomorrow and the rest of your life.


Gene Urban… magician and mentalist is Phoenix, Scottsdale, Santa Barbara and beyond.

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